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Egg CSA in Whittier

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Lasagna Sheet Mulch Project

No dig or Tilling Gardening! How much easier can it get?  Turn the eroded, neglected dirt of an empty urban lot into a growing space.  The use of compost, mulch and cardboard is all it takes to create new top soil.  As you can see from the illustration, the concept is very similar to making […]

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Lemon-Y Asparagus Pasta

Fun spring recipe by Liesl Maggiore a self professed: Food stylist, proud mama, adoring wife, animal enthusiast, tree hugger, booty-shaker,  yogini, Coloradoan, Angeleno, family lover, dedicated friend, pit bull rescuer, rat adopter, hippie-at-heart, Micheal Jackson fan, organic food advocate, total dork.  I must also add, all around awesome person!  You can also check out her blog page and […]

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Saag Frittata

Saag Greens Frittata

Bitter greens like dandelion, mustard, and collards are very good for you – food as medicine. You need a little extra seasoning to balance the bitterness, though. The traditional Indian cooked green, saag, is usually served with fresh milk cheese, paneer, and ladled over basmati rice with naan bread and yogurt raita on the side. […]

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March 9, 2014 Newsletter

Major Changes to the WBF CSA Produce Box Program!   There is a new CSA Pick Up location in Whittier at the St Stephen’s Church (see map).  Sundays 4pm – 6:30pm members can come by and enjoy the garden, while their produce bag is filled. New recipe, a Frittata inspired from India140310_news, written up by […]

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